Monday, June 19, 2006

FAQ - Read THIS Post!!!

I've already had a few questions and I thought we needed a FAQ. I am going to put this post's link on the side bar shortly, so we can add to it as needed. This far, though I have answers to the various questions:

  1. Will you find me a roommate?
    1. Yes and No. Yes, I will be thrilled to maintain a list of folks seeking roommates with a few of the basics (gender and age range -- no exact ages, promise, and cabin preference). However, I'd prefer that you e-mail or reach out to these people and see who might work the best for you. If you want a room to yourself, that is possible and there is a single supplement for it -- but there will be a roommate list to work through. If you need any special help with this, please call or e-mail me.
  2. Should I bring the family?
    1. Oh yes, if you wish. I should tell you that as of this writing Mama E is bringing hers. If you need a triple or quad cabin (or even require two cabins that a join), please call me for pricing. These type of cabins go the quickest, so it is important to talk to me now so I can hold you the right space. There is a DISCOUNT for the 3rd and 4th people in a cabin; just in case you want to.
  3. What about airfare? Do I have to do that on my own?
    1. No. If you call me 888-286-9827 or e-mail me where you are flying in from I will help you out. First, we will check with the cruise line. Often they have bought bulk air and will offer a great deal (this is of particular note with the start in LA end in Vancouver thing) including getting you from airport to pier. Then I will help you check the major airlines to see what is the best price. Then it is your choice. However, I do strongly suggest that you get the optional transfers from the airport to piers, so that you won't have to do all of that on your own.
  4. I love Vancouver and want to stay some extra days, how?
    1. Call me. I will help you. If we do air through the cruise lines, I can delay your flight out and book your hotel. If you want to use the Amtrak train to go from Vancouver to Seattle or Portland, I will help you with that too. You let me know what you want and I'll help. :)
  5. Is there a limit to how many can join us?
    1. No, there really isn't a limit; but there are limited cabins available by price -- so to get the best price, book early. It is only $200 to hold your cabin and that is refundable. However, if you wait, the price may go up or there may not be cabins available in what you would prefer. Let me repeat, there is plenty of space on the ship, but if you want the best price per cabin and get the best choice in cabin types, booking earlier is better than waiting.
  6. What documents will I need to go on this trip?
    1. Assuming you are a US citizen, you will need a passport. As of 12/31/2006, the State Department is requiring US citizens to carry passports for travel between Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico. You can get more information on what you need and how to get a passport here. Also, I'd like to suggest that you apply early as I think there might be a bit of a rush at the end of the year. If you are not a US citizen, then you will have to know the rules that apply to you.

Please ask more questions!!!


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