Thursday, January 11, 2007

Classes Announced and a Decision

Wow, I can tell you from all the calls I've gotten in the last 48 hours that a few of you are over the moon excited about Sea Socks. (If by a few of you, I mean ALL of you.) Let me remind you that here is a great place to express your excitement, share your joy, and start chatting. This blog is as much for you as it is for me to share announcements.

Speaking of Announcements.

I'm all for some surprises, but I know everyone is interested in what classes are being offered. Now, I'm going to share a peak at the classes. Full details will be in your Sea Socks Guide.

There will be two Hands-On techincal classes. You will have the opportunity to take both of them, but the classes must be split up in order to give everyone the personal attention they deserve. They are:
Color Theory and Sock
Pattern Techinique (Choice)
On this one, you can choose between Two Types of Shorts Rows OR Toe Up with a Reverse Heel Flap.

Then there are three classes that are more on theory and ideas of socks:
Customizing Sock Patterns: How to make a standard sock pattern FIT.
Sock Scupture: The Anatomy of a Sock
Handpainted Yarn and the Sock: How to get the best from both

I do hope that's enough of a teaser for you. Trust me, I've heard the topics for each of these and I'm over the moon with how cool they are going to be.

Now for the decision. You see that little thing about you choosing which pattern techinque you want? Well, now is the time to pick -- sorry that this wasn't in your packets. To make this totally fair -- I'm taking class requests by e-mail ONLY (so I have the time/date stamp).

E-mail me if you want to be a part of the Two types of Short Rows Class OR the Toe-Up Reverse Heel Flap. (oh, you want to know what kind of sock goes with each of these?)
1. Two Types of Short Rows: This is a Lace style sock.
2. Toe-Up Reverse Heel Flap: This is a clog sock with a CABLED heel.

So which will it be? All e-mails should be sent directly to (remember to remove the "REMOVETHIS" part).


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