Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sold Out!!

Yes, you heard/read me right. We are full. We have sold every SINGLE cabin Royal Caribbean has given us to sell. We have one LARGE group of knitters. And since I've spoken to most of you on the phone, I know which cabins are the party cabins and who the "serious" knitters are.

We are now currently sold out! Wow. You guys are amazing! And thank you all for helping me with the computer conversion. I'm almost through all of your corrections (I took the holiday weekend off to spend time with the family). Since I was split on if champange or cookies appealed more -- you are all getting BOTH. Hey, what is better than drinks AND cookies? But, I hereby announce I'm not responsible for any dropped stitches or mis-crossed cables because of sugar highs or champagne buzzes. Ok? Glad we all understand.

Back to being SOLD OUT. Here's the thing, I'm not one who wants anyone to miss out if they want to join us. So, I spoke to my friends at Royal Caribbean. Provided I begin a wait list TODAY and run it for a month and one month only, they are willing to work on a first come - first serve basis to get as many folks on the ship as possible. (Basically, I get one shot to tell them how many more cabins we need and I can not be high or low in this count.) But as with all wait lists, there are no promises -- but Royal Caribbean is going to try to help us. The ship itself is filling up, so if they have the space you will have a cabin.

So, this is going to be how this works. I am taking e-mail requests to be put on the Wait List at seasocks AT Gmail DOT com ---- please note the AT=@ and DOT = . You MUST include in your e-mail, your name, the category cabin you are looking for (inside, outside, balcony), and your phone number. I will e-mail you back with your number on the wait list; if you don't get an e-mail back from me within 24 hours -- bug me, e-mail me again, or call me. I assure you, that before Thanksgiving we will know how deep in the wait list we can go. I hope this makes sense. However, once that last group of cabins is alloted, there will be no more space available.

If you are worried that you made a reservation and don't know if you "REALLY" are with the group. Just e-mail me and I'll confirm. I can say this, if you have seen ANY confirmation e-mail, old system or new system, you are in the group. I've still got a few more confirmations in the new system that I'm working on fixing or getting out. But if you have any questions, I'm happy to help.

Finally, if you happen to be the person who made a reservation online this weekend, it did NOT go through. Please e-mail me directly and I'll take care of you, I just have no information on you and thus can not contact you. Please accept my apologies.


Blogger Heelermom said...

How many knitters equal sold out?

2:41 PM  
Blogger The Queen said...

I'm sorry, I didn't mention that we are 90 strong as a group.

2:48 PM  
Blogger YarnGoddess said...

Champagne AND cookies!? You are TOO cool! Besides, champagne goes well with everything.

10:41 AM  
Blogger AuntyNin said...

Ohdear... my inner "cookie monster" should not have looked at this today.

Is it 90 people total, or 90 knitters plus associates?

1:41 PM  
Blogger The Queen said...

Aunty Nin:
That's 90 peoples -- however, let's just say we need to be REALLY nice to the very few husbands who are coming. I think some of the husbands are leading the support group in one of the bars.
We are a lot of knitters! Many, many people with pointy sticks on the ship.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Amie said...

How did word get out so soon that I was in a party cabin?

(you did get my order for TWO bottles of champagne, right?)

Y'all don't mind if I teach classes with the assistance of a prop to hold me up and a translater to clarify the slurred speech, do you?

8:31 PM  

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