Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Did you know...

I am getting some calls with questions, and I thought I'd do a quick bullet point list to let everyone know. As always, if you have questions, let me know --either e-mail me OR call

  • There is one formal night on our cruise. No one is expecting ballgowns, but if you wish to dress up that would be the night to do it. Also, note that jeans, tank tops, and swim wear will not be acceptable dress at dinner, even on casual nights.
  • If you NOT flying home from Vancouver, you currently will not need a passport to travel on this cruise. However, I have to say, I still recommend one anyway.
  • I am going to be out of town beginning October 27th. I have someone covering the phones in my office, but e-mails will be waiting for me when I return. If you have anything urgent, please call -- Gail is helping me out and she's wonderful. I will get back to you when I return.
  • I do a podcast everyweek? It is on cruising and destinations, but I thought you guys might be a little interested in it. You can find it here.

What else am I missing?


Blogger AuntyNin said...

I've heard that some cruises do a "costume party" kind of event. Do you think there might be one on our cruise?

6:41 AM  
Blogger The Queen said...

oyYes, Aunty Nin, some lines (read pretty much ONE line) do 'costume' parties. Royal Caribbean isn't that line. The line you are thinking of is Costa, who is FAMOUS for their end of cruise Toga party -- yes, they bring sheets and instructions to your cabin.

10:38 AM  

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