Monday, July 10, 2006

Life is in the Details

Happy Monday all.
I can see from Amy's ticker, we are fast approaching the 9 and a half month mark. I know that I'm in some state between "April is NEVER going to be here" and "Oh, my, I don't have ANY time left." Trust me -- it is probably best that no one sees both these thoughts cross my mind at the same time.

There's a wee bit of news:
The first news is that my company has started a podcast. We are hoping to do weekly updates on all the group cruises, so feel free to check us out here. What is posted is our first podcast, so, please be kind and gentle -- know it can only get better.

In other news, as of right this second, I have in the mail all the confirmations for anyone who has booked thus far!! This is pretty major since all total there are something close to 50 of us. If you do not have in your own hand a copy of your confirmation by Friday of this week, and you just KNOW you booked a cabin, please let me know. To my few friends in Canada, please give it a little longer -- but they are on their way too.

If you would like some flyers to take to your own personal knit nights (what ever your group calls them), shoot me an e-mail; tell me how many you need and an address to send them to. I will be thrilled to send them on their way to you.

Finally, I must remind everyone of the passport issue. As of 12/31/2006, you MUST have a passport to enter Mexico, the Caribbean, and (of importance to us) Canada. It is key that you also have 6 months at least remaining before the passport expires. So, if your passport is set to expire in June '07, please renew it a bit early so you won't face any issues in Canada. This is the rule as of today, it is subject to change; but a small piece of advice, go on and get your passport now -- avoid the stress -- plus when you see that awesome deal to go to Europe for more yarn -- you could leave on a moment's notice! This site will help you walk through the details.

Back to the fun. We will have a great time on board the ship. We will learn so much from Amy, Eunny, and Erin. I can't wait for April and I look forward to meeting you all.


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